It Sticks! Innovations for Bonding LSE Materials(Post)

    When designing Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, do you have the desire to work with low surface energy (LSE) materials that are hard-to-bond to create displays? Generally, when working with such mat ...

    ​When to Use Foam Tape(Post)

    Duraco manufactures and supplies several pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes that are made to fit your specific application. Among our tapes, foam tapes are a favorite which are designed ...

    The Timeless Trio for Displays and Exhibits (Post)

    Have you ever walked into a store when an eye-catching display caught your attention? These are called point-of-purchase (POP) displays that are placed near merchandise to market and better promote ...

    Duraco Offers New LSE (Low Surface Energy) Tape Products(Post)

    Duraco is announcing the launch of a brand-new LSE adhesive system to meet customer demand and help overcome challenges by providing design versatility when working with hard-to-bond surfaces. The ...

    Signed, Sealed, and Delivered - Duraco's Yours.(Post)

    There is one thing we are all doing more of lately, buying things online to have them shipped to us. All of us, everywhere, are having items put into a box, bag or envelope which are being sent to us ...

    Hook and Loop for Display Assembly(Post)

    Did you know that Hook and Loop is a highly popular tape that is used within the display and signage industry? Whether you need to secure two pieces of materials together or to secure a sign ...

    Tips to Consider When Using Foam Tape(Post)

    No matter the project, it is important to choose a tape solution that offers a secure hold. Duraco’s foam tapes consist of a foam coated on both sides with an extremely aggressive rubber ...

    Innovative Tape Solutions for The Appliance Industry (Post)

    Duraco manufacturers a variety of double-sided foam tapes that provide bonding and sealing solutions for appliance manufacturing and design. Our adhesive tape consists of two essential parts: a ...

    Tape Solutions for PPE Equipment (Post)

    The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) has become essential to defend against the spread of germs and the COVID-19 virus. Duraco adhesive tapes and materials can be used to manufacture d ...

    Packaging Tapes for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)(Post)

    An ongoing trend in consumer packaged goods (CPG) production is to excel in packaging operations while producing quality packaging. Both of these needs can be fulfilled by using pressure sensitive a ...

    Bonding Solutions for Thin Substrates (Post)

    Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) film tapes consist of a thin double-sided adhesive that can be found on both sides of the carrier to easily bond flat substrates together. Unlike bulky foam ...

    Is Tape Safe to Use on Walls? (Post)

    Are you working within the wall décor industry and looking for solutions to mount décor temporarily or permanently? If so, Duraco’s line of removable double-sided foam tapes is the answer. The mos ...

  • Twin Stick® LSE Pieces/Roll



  • Twin Stick® Pieces



  • Twin Stick® Pieces/Pad



    $1.02 - $4.76
  • Twin Stick® Pieces/Roll



    $91.60 - $242.81
  • Twin Stick® Diameters/Roll



  • Thick Twin Stick® Pieces/Roll



  • Thick Twin Stick® Pieces/Pad



  • Thick Twin Stick® Pieces



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